I’m laying here, listening to a mourning dove and the whir of the ceiling fan above me. The other of the birds are beginning to wake up but the rest of the world seems to still be sleeping. 

This is where I want to be. Peaceful. Quiet. Still. Feels like home and not just because I’m in Michigan. 

I think I have inherited my mother’s ability to make any place feel like home. To say we moved around a lot when I was a kid, is an understatement. I went to three schools just in third grade. But it didn’t matter where we were. Every place felt like home. Why? Because my mother put that vibe into the space we were in. We were made to feel comfortable wherever we were. I truly believe I could be happy and make a “home” anywhere because of my mother’s decision to make the best out of wherever we were. 

It has taken some time to realize home is more than brick and mortar, or a place, home is a feeling. Sometimes I feel home when I am in my husband’s arms, head in his chest, heartbeat and breath rhythmically synced with my own. I feel so much comfort sharing those moments with the man I love that peace washes over me and I am home. I have decided to make my heart my home. Taking this peaceful, still calmness with me wherever I go will ensure I always have a piece of home with me. Whether in Pennsylvania, Michigan or halfway around the world, home is inside of me and I’m going to be still and rest in it. 

Do you know where your home is?